Which Did You Think?

Ayman Al-ZawahiriOn the day when al-Qaeda announced that Ayman al-Zawahiri is to take over as leader in place of the late Osama Bin Laden I did wonder how I should look upon his appointment.

On the one hand, he is leading a fanatical organisation which is totally opposed to every principle I hold dear, both Buddhist and social.

On the other, he is the man who, if he will engage in dialogue with politicians, could bring to an end the string of terrorist atrocities for which al-Qaeda are responsible.

I would like to believe in the latter, but I fear that may be wishful thinking.

I do however find it amazing, that an educated man, trained as a doctor, could become so fanatical that he would throw his Hippocratic principles away and plot to kill innocent people. I note that the USA have already stated that they will hunt him down and kill him in a Bin Laden like way, which is not going to help the situation.

I also find it strange that he can claim to be in a Holy war, when the Koran teaches peace, compassion and understanding. Maybe he meant wholly (as in inappropriate) war, but I doubt it.

Leaving cheap shots apart, the only way to move towards any form of peaceful settlement, with him, or anyone else, is through dialogue.

When will we all learn to live together through understanding?

Better a war of words than a war.

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