Change Takes Time

TimeFollowing my little episode over the last week, I have been trying to continue to work and keep my life running along as normal. That, it appears, was a mistake.

Even though the temptation is to ignore symptoms and signs of tiredness, eventually your body calls time and forces you to take a rest.

Last night, for the first time in over a week, I slept right through the night. No pains, no disturbance, a full night’s sleep, wonderful. So waking this morning I felt (comparatively) fantastic.

I was in the office nice and early, rearing to get on with the backlog that had built up over the week. And I made good progress, I finally cleared my inbox, answered all the queries and made all the required changes to pages or accounts or whatever.

It was a really productive day, we nailed a number of outstanding issues and I left feeling I had put in a really good shift.

The drive home on a Friday is never the most fun, particularly now the roads are full of tourists. One of the downsides to living in Dorset I guess. So by the time I had got into the apartment, having had a soaking from a particularly heavy shower, I decided to take a little nap.

Four hours later I woke, feeling greatly refreshed, but determined from now on, to listen to my body better and not dismiss these feelings of lethargy, the World of Tranquillity, but to give my poor old frame the chance to recover.

Nice to have the chance I suppose, there must be millions of people who go through life, overworked, ill or in poor circumstances, who never get an opportunity to really let their bodies and minds heal themselves.

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