A Ray Of Hope

BuddhaIn the midst of all the news from Libya and Syria, of killing and atrocities against their own people, there was a tiny ray of hope that humanity struggles on.

In a meeting in London today, lasting around four hours, a number of governments, businesses and philanthropists pledged to give over £2.5bn to fund third world immunisation programs.

It is predicted that in excess of 4 million children will be saved from fatal illnesses between now and 2015, with further programs planned into the future.

We all know that our current economic plight could be used as an excuse for not contributing, but promises had been made, and I am proud that despite everything, we have honoured those promises.

We are not all in a position to be involved in such humanitarian efforts, but we can all see they are for the good of humankind and we can all offer our full support.

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