Overcoming Obstacles

My Dark Passenger - Our Fundamental DarknessFollowing on from yesterday’s post about Human Revolution, today’s lesson from the SGI-UK website is all about overcoming the everyday problems that life throws at us. Having the confidence to tackle them head on, given to us through the process of Human Revolution, enables us to stay positive, to turn poison into medicine, to solve those problems and ultimately to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Overcoming Obstacles

This negative aspect is often referred to as the ‘three obstacles and four devils’ (in Japanese, sansho shima). Obstacles refer to things which appear to be outside of ourselves (but which ultimately have their origins in our lives) and the devils, or negative elements, are ‘internal’. What makes these obstacles and devils serious is that if we are influenced by them we may stop practising Buddhism. They confront us at a specific point in time – usually when we are about to grow in our lives and move forward. The fact that at a difficult moment we may think that we should stop practising is a sign that it is an attack of one of the three obstacles and four devils. From a positive point of view these hindrances enable us to see a weakness in our lives so that we can chant and become stronger in that area.

The first is the obstacle of earthly desires. Buddhism teaches that our earthly desires may be transformed into enlightenment. Second is the obstacle of karma, which includes the influence of those who are close to us such as a spouse, partner or children. Third is the obstacle of retribution, which means opposition from those with power over us, such as our superiors, parents or people in authority.

The devils come from within our own lives. We create our own negativity, our own doubt, uncertainty and confusion. The first devil arises from our earthly desires. It can include egoism, craving for personal fame and riches, laziness or being dominated by force of habit. It can also arise from the three poisons of greed, anger and stupidity.

Second is the devil of weakness that can arise in our own bodies, such as an illness which will hold us back and reduce our capacity. Third is the devil which manifests as the hindrance of death. Unless we are confident that death is not ‘the end’, but rather another phase in the cycle of life and death – then another person’s death can trigger a sense of doubt and can considerably weaken our will to practise Buddhism, even though Buddhism is intended to relieve us from the sufferings of birth and death.

Finally the fourth devil is known as the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven who, in Buddhist mythology, works to obstruct Buddhist practice and drain our life force. This is the manifestation of fundamental darkness inherent in life. And because of this can be seen as the most challenging aspect of negativity to conquer. When influential people persuade or threaten us to stop practising this could be said to be the workings of the Devil of the Sixth Heaven.

Whatever form they take, the Daishonin advises us to take these obstacles and devils as confirmation that we are properly practising the true Law through which ordinary people become Buddhas. They offer us insight into aspects of our human revolution, ways to strengthen our lives and assurance that we are on the verge of achieving this, so long as we are neither influenced nor frightened by them. Human revolution includes experiencing this process and transforming some aspect of ourselves. It indicates the real experience of finding we have to confront something. It also includes our need to gain the inner conviction that we can win over the obstacle in question.

In Buddhism, the term ‘fundamental darkness’ is used to describe the ignorance and delusion inherent in human life. This is the ignorance of the fact that we all have the state of Buddhahood in our lives, at all times, latent and ready to be revealed. The aim of our great struggle for kosen-rufu, our movement of human revolution, is to transform that innate darkness into light. Our goal is to vanquish the destructive tendencies within human life that give rise to mutual distrust and hate, violence and fear. The three obstacles and four devils become an indispensable means for doing this. That is why we should rejoice when they appear.

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  1. Joey Wilson
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 20:18:59

    That is why I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. You give birth to it, it sickens people, depending on what darkess you gave birth to in your life. Or in my case, was born into. As I try to for the first time in a very, very long time just try to find myself as a person. This incites anger amonst my religious belivers and even non believers if that makes sense, and wondered why .I believed I was doing something wrong. I see now, what I am doing is inciting hatred and ignorance because i don’t give way to outside gods, outside influences as I gain strength from my own belief in myself to love myself, to belive in myself and to not hate myself. I can now rejoice in the fact that what is my inner belief that I myself can find it in myself to heal myself, believe in myself, and love myself for a better world gives me reason to sit back and take a deep breathe and relax. What I am accompishing is for myself which is my love, my trust, my belief in humanity and my hopes that freedom release me from the darkness in my life and extinct yesterday from my mind which is filled with anger, ignorance, and greed. The workings of the Devil of the Six Heaven are literally slapping me in the face and i alone was ignorant of the fact at who they really were in my life. As i release my spirituality for myself today, the religious part of my upbringing haunt me even in people who never graced the church in my lifetime up until today. Now they are preaching and going to the catholic church where they were only, in my opinion, caught dead in the church at Christmas midnight mass or funerals, other than that…notta. I truly see my true path and journey and am grateful I held on to my belief that i could get better at some point in my life. Its been three decades I dedicated my life to darkness. What is wrong with wanting to dedicate my life to light instead of the darkness of hatred, ignorance and greed. I have found you Anupadin in this lifetime. Tell me why, we have never met, never talked in our existance. Yet, you feel like an old friend who has led me through dark, dark times in my life. I’ve for the first time opened my life, my mind, my heart and has led me here and I still don’t know you Anupadin, I still haven’t met you and we still to this moment have never talked. You feel like the dad I never had in forty one years of existance here on earth. Amma sah. Nam myoho renge Kyo. I love you all as I love myself. WIP babey, work in progress…


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