Chapter And Verse

Chapter And VerseTonight should be interesting, it’s my second appearance at the Open Mic Night, arranged by The Platform at the Mad Cucumber in Bournemouth.

Yes, the very same Mad Cucumber we frequent with our vegan chums, though tonight the audience will not be comprised entirely of veggie / vegan folk. This presents both a challenge, and an opportunity.

With luck, I’ll get time to perform four poems. One about the buzz that public performance gives you, much like chanting actually. One about how we are slowly destroying the Earth, another about our recent narrowboat holiday and the last about a certain single vegan female.

So rather varied subjects and topics, but the chance to broadcast my views about everything from Buddhism to veganism, overfishing to canal holidays. I’m sure some people will like some of the poetry better than others, some may not like it at all. But if I make one person think about things, and in some small way, change their lives for the better because of that, I will be pleased with the outcome.

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