About Illusions

The Penrose TriangleWhile the ‘real’ world is out there, all around us in physical form, ‘our’ world is contained within the amazing structure we call our brain. Whilst we can process, interact with and interpret the events and objects around us, our brains are guilty of playing tricks on us if we do not keep a close eye on them.

Our brains are amazing things, I think we can all agree on  that. But they are also capable of making the simplest of mistakes. Take a look at the image above. Each angle looks like a perfectly plausible part of a three dimensional triangle, but as you move from one angle to the next, it becomes clear that the object we perceive is, in fact, an illusion.

Our brains are programmed by evolution, to make sense of partial information. Being able to recognise a Sabre-Toothed Tiger from just a small part of his outline would be a very valuable asset to pre-historic man. But being able to recognise a scenario from a handful of unrelated, or even imagined mental clues, can lead us right up the garden path, to completely the wrong conclusion.

Imagination, illusion and our Fundamental Darkness are all facets of real life, but beware of leaning too heavily on one or all of these when you are piecing together your next mental jigsaw puzzle, you might find you are confronted by an unpleasant picture that is wholly inaccurate.

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