So What Is It About Mondays?

The Calm After The StormHaving had a lovely varied weekend, today has been like having a bucket of cold water thrown over me.

Of course, it’s always busier on a Monday, with the weekend issues to deal with, but today has felt like swimming in treacle.

Good job I have my practice to fall back on, turning poison into medicine and all that. Remembering back to how I used to be before Nichiren, made me feel a lot better.

The day is nearly over, and things are on a much more even keel again. Nobody got eaten by bears and hopefully all the efforts from today will pay dividends during the rest of the week. So it’s just a case of thinking happy thoughts and letting the waves of anguish lap gently against the solid foundations of calm and reason.

And just to put it all into perspective, I know from personal experience, that it is a lot better to have too much work to do, than have none at all. A little gratitude for the good things in life makes the bad things melt into their proper perspective, but it’s easy to say that now.

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