Patience My Lad, Patience

Patience My Lad, PatienceIt is said that patience is a virtue, and indeed that is a fact.

Having patience with a situation can make the difference between causing, or solving problems.

When you are just about to run out of patience you should take a deep breath and carry on being understanding.

Sometimes when our patience runs out, it is because we don’t have the full picture. Having a partial understanding of a situation leads us all to try to fill in the missing parts from our imagination.

As anyone who has been to the dentist, and I guess that’s pretty much all of us, sitting in the waiting room, with the fear of what might be in store, is usually far worse than the reality when we finally sit in the chair.

So it is with most situations in life. So stop imagining problems that aren’t there, take that deep breath and find a little more patience. It will be worth it in the end.

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