The Perfect Gift?

The Buddha, Geoff and MeI’m always going on about this brilliant book, but The Buddha, Geoff and Me is the perfect gift for pretty well anyone you know. It is full of wisdom, courage and compassion.

An amazing, invigorating and enlightening story about a young man’s friendship with a Buddhist, who teaches him the basics of the religion and covers aspects of practice.

For anyone, interested in Buddhism (particularly Nichiren Buddhism) its teachings and practices, in a most readable form, this book is a must read.

The book will transform your thinking, help you to control your mood (life states) and lead you towards a more meaningful life. Buy it here or listen to it in podcast form here.

I don’t think it is overstating the case, when I say that this book changed the course of my life forever. It relates Nichiren Buddhism to everyday life so well, and in such an understandable form, it should be required reading for all students, it would change the world.

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