Steering The Right Course

Steering The Right CourseWith a friend about to start his holiday working as a member of a racing yacht crew I thought this was rather apt …

There are external influences that push and pull on the direction of our lives.

Our role as skipper is to deal with the challenges that those influences bring, whilst trying to maintain the direction in which we want our lives to go.

The similarity to sailing is most evident when you compare the way a yacht has to sail across the wind, in a direction as close to, but rarely directly towards, the desired goal. So there has to be a degree of compromise in order to make progress towards that goal.

Life is exactly the same. It is pretty rare to find, that the influences on our lives, push or pull us directly towards our goals. The old adage of ‘two steps forward and one step back’ is often very accurate. A little progress in the right direction is often followed by a period of consolidation, during which we may even find that we have slipped back a little.

It is good to remember that, as illustrated in The Buddha, Geoff and Me, resistance is not only inevitable, and a measure of our progress, but is essential for some processes to work at all.

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