Passing It On

Postman PatA parcel arrived in the post this morning, the contents of which will offer someone a little inspiration every day.

In the parcel was a copy of Daisaku Ikeda’s Buddhism Day by Day. Like a diary, it offers a different thought provoking passage for every day of the year.

Although it is primarily a compilation of Sensei’s thoughts, with an obvious Buddhist slant, I believe it would be an inspiration for anyone, irrespective of their religion or beliefs.

Here are a few of examples …

February 17

“True individuality never comes to full flower without hard work. Therefore you’re making a big mistake if you think that who you are right now represents all you are capable of being.”

March 25

“The significance of Buddhism lies both in the discovery of the Buddha nature in all beings and in the establishment of a practical method for bringing it out, so that human beings can derive maximum meaning from their lives. This reformation of the inner human world – what we in the Soka Gakkai call ‘human revolution’ – is especially relevant to modern civilisation, which has long been trapped in a sort of spiritual quicksand. We can escape the quicksand by calling forth the supreme human potential available to each of us.”

July 31

“What is the purpose of life? It is happiness. But there are two kinds of happiness: relative and absolute. Relative happiness comes in a wide variety of forms. The purpose of Buddhism is to attain Buddhahood. In modern terms, this could be explained as realising absolute happiness – a state of happiness that can never be destroyed or defeated.”

I think a little snippet of Sensei’s wisdom, each morning, would set us all up for the day.

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