The Effects Of Causes Made

Tipping The ScalesSo all this exercise and watching what I eat is having an effect. How could it not, in all truth? I’ve been burning more calories than I’ve been consuming, every day, well nearly every day, for two months. The result of all this effort, a loss of 10.5kg, excellent.

Now all I need to do is keep the pressure on, and before I know it, I’ll have reached my goal. Then all I have to do is to stay there. It all sounds rather familiar doesn’t it? Very much like the constant effort to change my life through my Buddhist practice.

When you start changing things through practice, your life-state, your life-energy, you may well encounter a reaction. Every action has an opposite reaction and they can be totally unexpected in nature. As we try to improve ourselves, we change the way we react with the world. Sometimes the world isn’t quite ready for that change and it can make for uncomfortable situations.

The main thing to remember is, that if you change, your environment must change. They fit each other exactly, like a hand in a glove. So even though the ride might get a little bumpy at times, use those times as confirmation that the changes in you are happening and be resolute.

Just remember to add a little compassion and wisdom into the mix too, and the odd multivit won’t hurt either.

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