Glorious First Of June

Branksome ChineWith the glorious English summer finally arriving over the last few days, it seemed like a good time to get out in the sunshine and make the most of all the wonderful sights of the magical Dorset coast. Those of us who live in the UK know all too well, that making hay while the sun shines says it all.

Branksome ChineStarting at the top of Branksome Chine we made our way through the amazing woodland that surrounds the stream as it makes its way slowly down to the ever popular Branksome beach. Not only does the walk through the Chine do you good, but it also saves on the parking fees.

Branksome BeachBeing surrounded by the beautiful fresh leaves and shoots, along with the sounds and smells that bombard the senses, leave you stunned by how wonderful nature is. The Chine winds so gently down to the sea, you hardly notice the slope, but the stream reminds you now and again as it tumbles over a series of waterfalls, all very magical.

Old Harry RocksAfter a relaxing pit stop, it was on to Studland, via the chain ferry from Sandbanks. All rather Victorian but exciting as it was my first crossing. The ferry takes minutes to get to across, so soon we were heading off to the Bankes Arms pub, where we left the car and walked over the headland to Old Harry Rocks.

A beautiful day, beautiful weather, new sights and experiences and all within thirty minutes of home. Some people might say I am lucky to live where I do, but actually it is a combination of the causes I have made in life. Isn’t karma grand?

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