The Beauty Of Nature

The Blue Pool, near Wareham in DorsetAn afternoon of tranquillity, surrounded by the beauty of nature is good for calming the mind and lifting the life-state. The Blue Pool, near Wareham in Dorset, is a disused clay pit which has been transformed since the time of Elizabeth The First, into a magical place of woods and water, sights and sounds.

The pit provided the clay for many things over the years, but there is an interesting collection of clay pipes in the small museum adjoining the tea rooms. The Pool  constantly varies in colour. Very fine clay in suspension in the water diffracts light in different ways, producing a spectrum of colour sometimes green sometimes turquoise. The air is full of the scent of pine and the sounds of the local wildlife.

2013-06-23-902Set in a deep clay bowl, steps lead down to the waters edge or up to views of the Purbecks. The Pool is surrounded by heath and gorse with sandy paths  that take you to another world. The pines are interspersed with beautiful rhododendrons, which were looking their best after the recent rains.

A wonderful way to spend the afternoon, and a quiet topic for my one thousandth blog post.

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