NOW … I Want It Now !!!

CalmnessSo often, and I am as guilty as anyone, we want things to happen now.

Our modern frantic way of life, clever marketing and the bombardment of advertising we all endure, have left us all lacking a little patience. We are encouraged to spend before we can afford it, to want everything yesterday and to make unrealistic demands on ourselves and others.

So next time you are stuck behind the nervous learner driver at a busy junction, queuing at the check-in desk or find yourself tempted to have a go at that overworked shop assistant, just see things from the others viewpoint and stay cool, calm and collected.

Not only will it make your wait much more pleasant, but your calmness will transmit to those around you and help them relax too. They may even surprise you by being grateful or by going the extra mile to help.

Remember, everyone has the world of Buddhahood within them, so as the T shirt might say, stay calm and help them let it shine.

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