My Hero

His Holiness The Dalai LamaI was privileged to be able to listen to a talk and a Q&A session from His Holiness The Dalai Lama today, live on “The Culture of Compassion” from Ebrington Plaza in Derry, Northern Ireland. His Holiness, who is patron of the Children in Crossfire charity, showed his abundance of compassion and humility in a most moving gathering of like minded people.

His message revolved around using our hearts and minds, rather than guns and bombs, to create a world where everyone has a place, and a role in making the world a peaceful and wonderful place to live.

He touched on the painful subject of the gap between rich and poor, a problem that exists in every country on earth, but which is more acute in some than in others. He talked about the responsibility of the rich to help the poor and also the responsibility of the poor to make stronger efforts to improve their own lot through learning.

You can see videos of the entire event here. The video of the talk and the Q&A session is here.

The Dalai Lama is an amazing man, albeit a man in a privileged position, but one who instils an atmosphere of peace, love and happiness, but above all hope for the future. He is a brilliant example of how we should react to those around us, but there is no doubt, that he is just a man, and that we can be just like him with practice.

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