Karma, A Matter Of Life And Death

Karma, the Buddhist name for the laws of cause and effect, are graphically demonstrated in this BBC documentary about the results of poor standards of driving in a large proportion of young UK drivers.

The BBC describe the program thus …

Karma, A Matter Of Life And DeathAfter her own accident left her unable to walk, Sophie Morgan wants to know why traffic collisions are the single biggest killer of young people – and how that can be stopped. With exclusive access and insight into a number of high profile cases from the moment of the crash through to resolution in the courts, she meets people who, like her, have seen their lives changed forever in a single instant – whether they were injured or they were driving the car.

As she follows the progress of families like the Singhs, devastated by an accident caused by a footballer from one of the country’s biggest clubs, she hears emotional stories of regret and recovery, finds out what it means to be responsible for a death on the roads and discovers one way that the rate of accidents involving young drivers could be brought down.

Sophie also encounters drivers who race illegally on public roads with no thought for anyone’s safety and, after a reunion with the passengers she could have killed, is forced to think again about her actions – and her driving – back on the night that she crashed.

Watch it here …

Watching is not for the feint hearted, scenes of death and life changing injury follow one after another. But for any young person reading this, or indeed one of their parents or guardians, I urge you to have the courage to stick with it.

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