Making Waves

Making WavesWhen we start changing things through our practice, our life-state, our life-energy, we must expect to encounter a reaction.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and these can be rather unexpected in nature. So as we try to improve ourselves, we change the way we react with the world and sometimes the world, or more often the people within it, aren’t quite ready for that change and it can make for some rather uncomfortable situations.

The main thing to remember is, that if you change, your environment must change too. They fit each other perfectly, just like dropping a piece of putty into water. No matter what shape you make the piece of putty, the water will always adapt to fit around it, it has no choice, it is a law of nature.

But even though the ride might get a little bumpy at times, you should see those reactions as confirmation that the changes you are working towards are really happening and remain resolute in working towards your goals.

Just remember to add a little wisdom, courage and compassion into the mix too, that always help to smooth the ripples you are causing in your own little part of the universal pond.

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