It’s The Smile That Says It All

A Smile Like A Cheshire CatThe kids went back to school this morning, so like many of us, my journey to work involved sitting in near stationery queues of traffic most of the way to the office. A perfect time (and place) to chant, so chant I did.

Having spent over 30 minutes chanting Nam Myoho  Renge Kyo, I was buzzing, a better buzz than any strong coffee could deliver, and I was feeling ready to tackle the world.

I was feeling great, and apparently it showed. I was smiling, walking with a spring in my step and people noticed. I was greeted with many happy ‘Good Mornings’ from people smiling straight back, and I could see that it had made a positive change to their morning too.

Nichiren teaches that chanting increases our life-energy, which is brilliant. What is even more amazing, is that it also affects all those around us, by increasing their life-energy too.

Ghandi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and chanting is changing me. As if by magic, the changes in me are causing changing my colleagues, and all for the better.

I don’t think I have ever really been the ‘bear with a sore head’ type of person in the morning, but my increased energy levels are having a profound effect, and I love it !!!

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