Back To The Real World

Blown FuseSo the IT gang returned all rested and chilled out after the Easter holiday. Of course it was a Tuesday masquerading as a Monday, but things were going swimmingly until BANG … the power to the office went off, completely, no warning. All hands on deck and much discussion with Southern Electric and a certain degree of resignation, but not the easy start we might have hoped for.

A complete lack of exertion or stress may seem desirable, but in fact it results in boredom and stagnation. It is essential that we keep making continuous efforts amid challenging circumstances, pushing forward with dynamic creativity and breaking through all obstacles. That is the way to develop new strength and achieve fresh growth, whether it be in the case of an individual or an organisation.

When we make a real effort to complete a task, involving a certain degree of adversity, we should remember that the mental exercise involved is actually doing us good. Remaining calm, refusing to be riled by circumstances is further proof of our growing self-awareness.

In the end, it was a simple, though rather enormous, industrial  fuse that had blown, no permanent damage done and another challenge defeated.

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