Crisis Management

Challenges AheadWith the economy failing to show any signs of improvement, there is the ever present possibility of changes in our circumstances. Companies are constantly looking to cut costs, increase profits for their shareholders, and staff are often the unwitting victims of such changes. The result of all this may cause us to feel like we are heading for a personal crisis.

But there really is hope in such situations. The Chinese spell the word crisis with two characters. The first character means danger, the second, opportunity. So we can all look upon a crisis in two ways if we so choose.

Obviously, any crisis can be a source of danger. The very word conjures up a sense of foreboding, a situation that is out of control. But with that danger comes the opportunity to make something better with the energy that comes to us all when put in a dangerous position.

The natural rise in adrenalin when we face danger, the classic fight or flight reaction, gives us superhuman levels of energy. We have all heard of stories of incidents where someone has lifted a car off a trapped friend or family member or run incredibly fast to rescue a child from danger. It’s a natural reaction, it’s nothing superhuman at all.

Many of us need a short sharp shock to bring us out of a state of lethargy, something that sparks us into life and gives us the impetus to make huge positive changes to our lives. My own interest in Nichiren Buddhism was sparked by a sudden change in family situation, so I know that good things can come from a painful event.

If you find you are facing a crisis, take heart, remember that opportunity comes along as well as the danger, good fortune comes to those who seek it.

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