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Sadness On The Path To HappinessLife is a constant stream of changes, some small, others not so small. The manner in which we deal with these changes determines whether we are content with the final outcome, and Nichiren Buddhism is there to help ensure that all goes well.

I know that my Buddhist practice has changed the way I interact with everything and everyone in my own personal Universe.

The change is difficult to explain, and even more difficult to prove over the short term to others within that Universe. Those difficulties are still further compounded by the fact that no matter how radical the change, nothing can change the past. Like karma, my past was formed from the past causes I made. What I can do, is to try to make better causes now, and in the future. What I can not do, is influence the past.

That limitation is, I have to say, a very real sadness on this journey towards a happier and more enlightened future.

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  1. davidhare3000
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 23:49:10

    re the last line of your post: there are no limitations in this Buddhism, other than those we create with our own small minds. Your life is a magnificent Treasure Tower described in the Lotus Sutra as one third the width of the world… And I don’t think your sadness is real (even if it feels that way…), it is a perception. You cannot change your past, but even without Buddhism you can change how you feel about it and how you perceive it – people do this with NLP and hypnotherapy all the time.

    And because EVERY past event has Value when illuminated by B’hood, you can transform any karma into mission – look forwards not back, this is the way of a Buddha. Try reading the Gosho called ‘The True Aspect of all Phenomena’ for it sheds light on these matters. As does the ‘Dragon King’s Daughter’ the story of a female dragon who attained B’hood despite (or perhaps because of…) past causes.


    • Anupadin
      Feb 17, 2013 @ 00:02:47

      Good point David,

      but that’s why my blog is called The Search For Enlightenment and not How I Found Enlightenment 🙂

      Like so many of us, I’m still a work in progress.



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