A Little Light

A Little LightSometimes situations seem so painful, and we have so little control, that there is a real chance of losing hope. In the past, before I found Nichiren Buddhism, I might have struggled to cope with the pain and anguish that Charlotte has been suffering this past week.

Being at arms length, unable to make any real difference to the situation, and having to rely on reports from Rob, Hannah and Karen to try to stay connected to what was happening is tough. I’m pretty hopeless at letting things lie at the best of times, but something like this is really difficult.

So I am pleased to be able to say that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel. Charlotte has been discharged from hospital and is on her way home. The staff must be confident that she is stable enough to leave, though none of us are under any misapprehension that there is still a long way to go before she is healed.

At least she will be back in familiar surroundings and will have her boys around her. Jake is old enough to understand what has been going on, and that he must be careful. Oliver is probably still too little to be much trouble. But Zach, who is a little bulldozer at times, will have to be ‘educated’ about being gentle with his mummy.

I am really happy to have some good news, and would like to thank all the good people who have sent messages of support for Charlotte and the rest of the family. You know who you are, and we are privileged to be surrounded by such lovely caring folk.

Namaste ~ Anupadin

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