Feel The Fear

Baumgartner prepares to leave the capsuleand do it anyway … a rather overused cliché, was perfectly illustrated less than an hour ago as Felix Baumgartner jumped from just over 128,000ft, 24 miles high, to set a whole bunch of world records.

Baumgartner stands on the capsule step - 24 miles above the EarthI sat transfixed as Baumgartner and his team went through the pre-launch checklist. The professionalism and calm atmosphere was awe inspiring as the time for him to jump grew ever nearer.

The level of faith and trust in the people involved in making this jump possible must be immense. Imagine standing on the Baumgartner takes his leap of faithcapsule steps, 24 miles above the Earth, knowing that your life, your very existence is in the hands of those who designed, built and tested your life-support suit.

Congratulations to you and all the team Felix. In the absence of space flight, in these austere times, you are a genuine legend in your own lifetime.

Click here to see video of the jump

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