A Painful Lesson

A Painful LessonProbably as a result of all the hedge cutting this weekend, my back is giving me trouble again. It’s been a tough day, trying to catch up with the lost days from last week, and having the pain didn’t help much.

Tonight, Bumble rang to see how I was, and was keen to help me resolve my back problem. She has a deal of experience in dealing with disability, so she does know what helps and what doesn’t.

I had taken a couple of paracetamol, rubbed some Voltarol gel on the small of my back and gone to bed, as lying down seemed to help ease the pain. But I think the combination of the discomfort and the tiring day in the office had conspired to put me in a pretty low life-state.

I was less than grateful for the advice, which is shameful. After she put the phone down I felt really bad about things. I needed to sort myself out, maybe even actually take some of the advice on board.

So I got up, went for a short walk around the quay and had a hot shower when I got back home. Then I chanted, and my life-state seemed to rise with every repetition of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

I would like to think that my blog helps others by giving out a positive message, but I also think it is important to be honest. So tonight I have to be honest and say that this evening, when Bumble rang, was a definite step backwards.

The only consolation is, that after a deal of soul-searching and chanting, I was able to look at things from a more positive viewpoint. I am sorry to disappoint the people who read my blog regularly, but I am heartened that another challenge has been met, and another important lesson learned.

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