Back To The Path

The Right WayReading back through my last few posts, I fear that the Buddhist content seems to have fallen a little by the wayside. So today, albeit back at work, has been a good excuse to bring my practice back to the forefront.

As always, the two hour drive from Bristol gives me ample time to chant, and this morning, chant I did, most of the way. It really does sharpen me up for the day ahead, but it also allows me to take stock of the weekend and the events thereof.

My life has changed quite a bit since Bumble and I got together, not just geographically, though of course that has been apparent, but also spending quite a bit less time at home, the structure of my practice has also changed. I would like to feel for the better, though some may disagree.

It’s quite funny that my being a Buddhist could probably be put down as the most influential reason why B and I ever met. Her Mum is also a Nichiren Buddhist and without that, she may never have taken an interest, and life would not have changed in the manner it has.

So it is beholding to me to ensure that I maintain my practice, improve my Buddha nature and continue my quest for self improvement, not only for my own benefit, but also for Bumble, who saw, and still sees it, as a very important part of our relationship.

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