Perseverance Wins

Andy Murray - US Open WinnerCongratulations to Andy Murray, for winning the first Grand Slam title of his career. His thrilling US Open victory over Novak Djokovic, which had me glued to the TV until nearly 3:00am this morning, is the first British Grand Slam winner since Fred Perry in 1936.

I am ashamed to say, that as with Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski and other previous British hopefuls, I was fearful that a title win would never come. It seemed that when the chips were really down, he just didn’t have the character to push home any advantage.

So sitting there this morning, I was delighted when after taking the first two sets, then losing the next two, he found that inner strength to play some of his best tennis and defeat Djokovic in the final set. The match took just short of 5 hours to complete, a testament to the stamina and fitness of both players.

Murray thanked his new coach and mentor, Ivan Lendl, and said that his experience and presence had helped him to this first title win. Of course Murray has practiced and practiced to reach this level of achievement. He has had the determination to continue in the face of defeats and is now reaping the rewards of that dedication.

His goal was a Grand Slam title, my goal is enlightenment, very different on the face of it, but the path to both entails practice, focus, determination and courage to continue in the face of adversity. Andy has reached his goal, for me the quest continues.

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