Excited Anticipation

Canal LockIt’s funny isn’t it, how something you have been planning, thinking and talking about for ages suddenly appears just round the corner. Our much anticipated canal holiday, which was booked way back in the spring, starts tomorrow. Well ok, Saturday officially, but I’ll be wending my way up the A36 to Bristol tomorrow evening, ready to leave bright and early on Saturday morning, so that means our holiday starts tomorrow in my book.

Not that there’s that much to plan actually. We have to be up in Shropshire around noon to pick up the boat, then a trip to the supermarket for provisions. Some sort of induction follows, so we all know which end of the narrow boat is which and how to start, stop and steer it and then we’re off up the cut for seven days of fun.

I know that anticipation can lead to disappointment, but I think I’m fairly safe in this case, having three experienced ship-mates aboard. It’s the first holiday I’ve had in some little while and the first away with Bumble, so it will be a good test of where we are in the relationship.

Naturally, I’m chanting for a good outcome, good times, even for good weather, and I’m confident that things will go swimmingly. I just hope that none of us do too much of the swimming. So the packing is almost done, all ready to make a swift start after work tomorrow.

There’s an old saying that ‘there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip’ meaning that until something is complete, there’s still room for trouble. But in this case I think I have put all the causes in place to encourage a fortunate and pleasing outcome. Now where did I leave my captain’s cap?

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