Funtime Friday

Road ClosedWith the new release of the software going live on Wednesday, we were feeling confident that things were pretty sorted as we go near to the weekend. Ha, what do we know? These sneaky little bugs have a canny knack of being able to hide until the most in-opportunistic moment.

As reports started coming in of some rather crucial problems, Dan the Man got stuck in finding the issue and the rest of us went into test mode. But with so many variables, it’s never easy to pinpoint the exact cause of some of these things.

By 5:30 it was getting clear that this wasn’t going to be an open and shut case, so I was told to go and make my way through the Friday evening traffic. It is difficult to gauge how long the trip to Bristle will take, but things were going pretty well until the SatNav announced that the A36 was closed for the next 20 miles!

The nice lady in my phone did a sterling job of working out a detour, via Devizes and Chippenham, so in the event, I wasn’t much later than usual. Bumble was at the cottage with a lovely meal waiting, and having scoffed the lot, we settled down to watch the England v Sweden game.

It all started rather well with England going ahead, but then, just like the journey, things went a bit pear shaped. At 2-1 down, I was fearing the worst, but I shouldn’t have worried, as England went on to win 3-2. And these little blips in proceedings served to prove a good point.

There is absolutely no point in crying over spilt milk, especially before it has been spilt. Anticipating problems, maybe imagining the worst, serves no practical purpose. In fact, if you can stay positive, as I managed to do by chanting my way round the detour, you arrive in a buoyant mood and everything works out just fine for all concerned. That may not have always been my way, so another good lesson learned.

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