Virtual Reality

Things That Go Bump In The DayHave you ever woken from such a vivid dream that you struggle to put it to the back of your mind? The feelings that it evoked refuse to subside and somehow it weaves its way into the reality of your day.

I had such a start to my day today, and it really played a bit of havoc with the start of my morning. It wasn’t until I had a really good chant that the real world took hold again.

You may think I’m a little crazy, but we often forget that much of our reality is actually taking place in our brains. Everything we see is simply an interpretation of signals coming in through our optic nerves and the sounds we hear are processed vibrations of our ear drums.

So when you next wake from a particularly disturbing dream, take your time to recover your composure. When the stories of the night get woven into the events of the day, take time to chant and regain control over your thoughts and your dark passenger, the master of virtual reality.

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