Being Aware

Tour de FranceOut on the bike again, I started to see things that related to the weight issue we discussed yesterday. The contrast between the other cyclists, the runners and skaters, and those folks tucked in their beach huts, was amazing.

Cycling burns about 250 calories an hour, even if you are just out for casual bimble. Hard riding burns considerably more, for example the riders in the Tour de France burn over 4000 calories a day. Now admittedly I’m no where near the pro-cyclists league, but there is a real satisfaction in the tiredness you feel after an aggressive ride.

But back to the beach huts. Most of the occupants were slouched in deck chairs, most were rather overweight, and the ice cream salesmen must have been having a bumper day, judging by the number of folks who were tucking into a cornet or lolly.

Now I’m not a party-pooper, and I have eaten my share of Ben and Jerry’s in my time, but it just served to show why some people are so overweight, while others are slim. It goes back to karma, to the cause and effect principle. It is so simple, if you make bad causes, in this case eating more calories than you need, you will see bad effects, namely weight gain.

I know a number of people who would like to be slimmer, I was one of them. But unless you make that a heart-felt goal, that you are aware of how much you are eating, it will never happen. I’m not going on some one-man crusade to get people to lose weight, but if you are one of the people who would like to, all you have to do is stick to the simplest formula. Eat less calories than you need, each and every day.

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