Funky Friday

Zoukinis InteriorIsn’t it the best feeling, when you wake up on a Friday morning and realise that it’s the first day of your long weekend.

To say we have a lazy start to the day would be vastly understating things, but by mid-afternoon we were parked up and on our way through the Westbourne arcade to the very lovely  Zoukini’s restaurant.

Now being vegan, you might expect that finding yummy things to eat would prove to be a bit of a problem, but you would be completely wrong. With all the dietary scare stories we have heard recently, the horse meat scandal, growth hormone usage in cattle and poultry, not to mention all the inhumane conditions in which animals are habitually kept, it’s no wonder that people are turning to vegetarian or vegan options for their food.

As the vegan movement grows, the food companies, both established and emerging, are offering more and more suitable alternatives. They aren’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, or to openly promote the veggie/vegan way of life, but they know that there is good money to be made as numbers of customers increase.

Toff 'n Chips @ ZoukinisZoukini’s offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and one of our favourites is Toff ‘n Chips, a very clever and convincing fish and chips alternative. The menu describes it thus … ‘Battered fillet of organic tofu packed with a samphire & watercress pesto served with chips, homemade minted mushy peas & vegan tartare sauce’ … and I can highly recommend it.

With our attention being brought almost daily to the way we eat, healthy alternatives are appearing everywhere. So if you find yourself looking for a classy tasty and healthy meal in the Westbourne area, pop into Zoukinis and check out Toff ‘n Chips, you won’t be disappointed.

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