Wonderful Nature

New Forest Pony and FoalThe weather finally relented today, and the grand tour was on once again. I set off towards Christchurch about 7:00 this morning and although there was a chill in the air, the fluffy white clouds were few and far between in a beautiful blue sky.

The trip up to Ringwood is very familiar, from all the times I’ve ridden the route to work. There was quite a lot of standing water on the roads, but the traffic was light so it was easy to ride around the puddles left by the rain of the last couple of days.

Just before reaching Ringwood town centre, I took the right turn for Crow and headed off towards Burley. The back roads in The Forest are wonderful. Narrow, winding, lined with ancient woodland, and round every corner, the possibility of seeing some of the ponies that roam the woods.

As Spring comes to an end, the mares are busy looking after their foals. They are wonderful little works of nature, perfectly formed with legs that seem to be being steered by committee. Their mothers all seemed to be set on getting their fill of the fresh grass, but the foals had better things to do prancing around like nutcases.

The ride went rather well, though the increasing breeze did make it a bit tough towards the end. Still a little determination coupled with a bag of Nákd Cocoa Delights got me over the finish line. My legs are reminding me that I’ve ridden further today than ever before, but I’m sure they’ll be fine in the morning.

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