Testing Times

Nichiren DaishoninNichiren Buddhism is not simply about blind faith in the practice.

Nichiren Daishonin teaches us to always test our practice for successful results, a little like a scientist would do the results of on of his experiments.

If the practice isn’t working, we must modify our methods, learn more about perfecting the process, or we are simply wasting precious time and effort.

There’s no point repeating the same thing, over and over. If the results are constantly unsatisfactory, or not improving over time, we must make changes in order to perfect the process. If a problem arises, we might feel like screaming and shouting, taking our anger out on those around us, or finding someone to blame.

Nobody wants problems in their life, but The Daishonin teaches us that making use of these everyday problems or challenges is a way to strengthen your mind. Like changing poison into medicine, our problems help us increase our mental strength, like a weightlifter lifting ever heavier weights in order to increase his physical strength.

Problems that aren’t addressed don’t go away, they simply grow and worsen. So if you are troubled by something, get to it head on, and turn that poison into medicine before the poison taints every aspect of your life.

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