Sometimes, We Must Roar

Remember, a lion is a lion because he roarsNichiren wrote that wrath can be both good and bad. Self-centred anger generates evil, but wrath at social injustice becomes the driving force for reform.

Strong language that censures and combats a great evil often attracts adverse reactions from society, but this must not intimidate or deter those who believe they are right.

Remember, a lion is a lion because he roars.

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  1. One Useful Word
    Oct 27, 2013 @ 01:44:45

    Excellent post.

    Campaigning for true social justice is a selfless act. From what I’ve read, the Buddha’s main problem was with selfish desires for oneself, not with desiring things for others. If we don’t attach our personal happiness to the results, it should be fine.

    This is how I’ve reconciled my Buddhism with my passion for progressivism and social justice. I may or may not be completely in line with the Buddha on this one, but my instincts tell me I’m good. It seems we are of like mind.


    • Anupadin
      Oct 27, 2013 @ 02:11:12

      Although the Buddha was concerned with formulating a method to remove unhappiness from life, I believe that he intended his teachings to help others, rather than simply to help himself. Although there is not, strictly speaking, such a thing as altruism in Buddhism because of the workings of karma, I strongly believe that the Buddha had others very much in mind.

      Welcome to TFSE, and thank you for your comments, all are welcome. Namaste ~ Anupadin


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