Boys, Boys, Boys

Boys, Boys, BoysSpending time with my grandsons is blooming hard work, and absolutely brilliant at the same time. Talk about a barrel load of monkeys, even Oliver, the two year old, run on some form of perpetual motion engine. They just don’t stop, which is awful and wonderful at the same time.

I really don’t see enough of the boys. Partly because of the geographical separation and partly because as families, they are always doing something, going somewhere, busy, busy, busy. The trouble is, they don’t stop growing, maturing, learning, simply because I’m not around. So when I do get to see them, they are almost different, although lovely, little people.

So this morning was a real pleasure. Watching the boys interact with each other, while we watched Ice Age for the Nth time and blew up balloons for Rob’s 40th birthday party this evening, was great fun. Letting the balloons go flying around the room, scattering boys in all directions, caused much amusement, even though some of them got a bit soaked in spittle after a while.

The morning flew by and all the exertion was a bit too much for Ollie, who went off to bed for a nap. The east of us continued the fun until Charlotte and Rob returned and set about making lunch for the assembled throng. I’m making silent promises to myself to be back up here very soon. Jake will be 8 in a few days time, then it will be Christmas, so there are lots of reasons to return, it just takes a bit of arranging.

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