If The Shoe Fits

Old Shoes - Not Jill's BTWAfter spending a very pleasant lunchtime with Bumble and her Mum at The Cricketers, we all adjourned to Jill’s apartment where a footwear based fashion show ensued. Not that it really was a fashion show, more a case of B helping her Mum to appraise the collection of shoes that had been lurking in the wardrobe.

Having walking difficulties, it is imperative that Jill has shoes that help, rather than hinder her progress. So form and function are of much higher importance than fashion, though she did have a rather natty pair of maroon suede ankle boots.

As with so many things in life, a comfortable fit is very important. With shoes it’s all to do with size, width, sole and heel. With relationships it’s more to do with how characters and characteristics mould and match.

In both cases it can be all a matter of time. New shoes can be exactly the right size and fit, but give them time, a short running-in period, and they will become moulded perfectly to your feet. Likewise, as a relationship grows over time, the characters and characteristics of those concerned can also change to fit perfectly, given a degree of wisdom, courage and compassion.

Another perfect example of the law of the oneness of self and the environment.

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