Be The Light

A Little Ray Of LightHaving a sedentary job, sitting in front of a PC monitor all day, has not been good for my continuing back problem. Being a hod carrier probably wouldn’t be much better, though it might mean that I might have been a bit fitter and not had the problem in the first place.

Any way, this pain seems to be at its worst when, either I have been standing for a while and then sit down, or when I’ve been sitting and stand up. Either way, the transition is jolly painful I can tell you and it’s really getting to me.

Maybe that is why, when my beloved Bumble called me tonight, I did a pretty good job of draining every drop of life-energy out of her, leaving her in a rather flat and depressed state. Just what a girl is looking for in the perfect life partner, or not.

And now I feel like a proper heel and would like to ring her and tell her so, but she’ll be sleeping and that would only make matters worse. So what have we learned tonight? That being a grumpy git is, on the whole, not very conducive to making others feel happy? So from now on, no matter how painful my back, I will try to be the light of her life, rather than the doom in her gloom.

Hindsight is a perfect science, but looking a the situation from another’s viewpoint is a good way to pre-empt a foolish or selfish action. I have a horrible feeling that this lesson has been learned before, but it does also go to show that the path to enlightenment is not always straight or level, and maybe the bumps actually teach us more.

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