Meer Kats And More

Meerkat Mayhem @ Bristol ZooSeptember is here and so, today at least, was the sunshine. After an early start, a quick breakfast, a couple of hours hedge cutting and a whizz round the shops, we found ourselves in Bristol Zoo as planned.

The last time I was here, I was wearing short trousers and National Health glasses. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it was a long, long time ago. But I am pleased to be able to relate, that the place has improved in leaps and bounds in that time.

The animals are housed in much larger, more stimulating enclosures, many of which you are able to stroll around. Not the lions, obviously, but the Ring-tailed Limas, the Fruit Bats, even the Penguins, although they are not so prone to flying.

We were so lucky, Sam was able to take us behind the scenes. We got to feed Praying Mantis, Catfish, Rays, all up close and very personal, it was brilliant. We also saw the breeding area for insects, fish, scorpions and all manner of other creepy crawlies in Bug World.

It must be getting on for fifty years since I visited, but I can guarantee that it won’t be anywhere near that before I go again. Charlotte, Rob and the lads have got annual passes, so next time I hope I can share the excitement with them too.

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