Expect Effects

Cause and EffectMany of us have a mental wish list, the things we would like, or would like to happen, in our lives.

Karma is, as we know, all about cause and effect, we make, or have made causes and we see the effects in our daily lives.

There is a wise old saying about being careful what you wish for, so formulate your wishes very carefully. Make sure that you are precise, with both the wants and the don’t wants, that is very important.

Remember too, that for every positive, there is an equal an opposite negative, to maintain the balance in the Universe, so be ready to embrace both. Like shoes, they come along in pairs

So if you have some deep seated wish, you must make that wish part of your heart, embed it into your life and make causes towards that goal, you have nothing to lose. But when you start making causes, don’t be surprised when the effects come along, sometimes much sooner than you expect.

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