Make Causes, See Effects

Kosen-RufuFollowing Ken’s insightful comment, I can see that although I was talking about morals, all life is about cause and effect.

So rather than drifting into the World of Tranquillity again, I have been making causes and am already starting to see effects.

I have been working on the topic for our discussion group, Transforming Society Through a Vision of Dynamic Peace. It has allowed me to read some very powerful ideas from Sensei and other thinkers and that study has had the effect of raising my life-state and that has taken me into the World of Learning.

One of the most powerful lessons has been that the only way to overcome Tranquillity is to push myself towards resolving an achievable goal. Another lesson, is that the cause of Kosen-Rufu requires constant effort and striving, to set the goal firmly in my heart, and to compose an understandable message to the rest of the world.

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