A Certain Stillness

A Certain StillnessWell, what a strange sort of day. Last week, I received a letter warning that my role within the company was in danger of being made redundant, not the best news. Along with the legalese and waffle about changes to make the company more efficient, there was an invitation to meet and discuss the situation, when I would be able to put my point of view and highlight any details the company might have missed about my role.

I have to say that, despite the pressure of effectively fighting for my future within the company, I remained completely calm throughout the whole proceedings. I even cracked a couple of jokes along the way. I did however make good use of the time I had spent preparing for this battle.

Life is a series of cycles, we all know that, similar situations repeat themselves over time. People who profess to know everything about everything rarely prove that to be the case, and so it transpired this afternoon. Whilst I must admit that there was a hint of self-preservation about it, I felt it was my duty to point this out where appropriate.

So now we have another wait. A wait while the powers that be try to answer the tricky questions that were posed during the meeting, and try to justify their original decisions. The mind races, the dark passenger is having a field day, but I’m rather proud that, through it all, I maintained my dignity and a certain stillness. We shall see what transpires, in time.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Just Deserts

Mr Worry - Don't Do ItLeaving the works PC in a dishevelled state last night was not good for my peace of mind. But my fears of being left with an unusable machine for a week while Dan ‘the man’ went off to Barcelona on holiday proved to be unfounded.

With a laudable effort on all parts, particularly Dan’s, the machine is now honed to perfection and all ready to take on the challenges of the Fraser’s website restyling. Much of the work has already been done, all that is needed, and I say ‘all’ reservedly, is to incorporate said changes into the working copy, iron out any bugs and publish it to the server.

Worrying about things is such a pointless exercise. It takes energy, it lowers your life-state and achieves absolutely nothing. So don’t do it, I tell myself, but that’s easier said than done sometimes. What does work, and it works every time, is making the causes to create the effects we wish to see.

So as the old war-time song went, ‘what’s the use of worrying, it never was worthwhile; so, pack up your troubles in your old kit back and smile, smile, smile’. In my case that happens to be a rather battered old shoulder bag, but the principle still holds true.

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