Major Relapse

Running A TemperatureWho would have believed it? Having had a huge dollop of stress lifted from my shoulder yesterday, I have succumbed to a major relapse, physically. My wheezing has returned, my joints ache, my nose is running like a tap and my back is pure agony. What has happened?

I know there is a great deal of research that shows that people who go on holiday, after a heavy time at work, very often come down with some bug or another. It’s almost as if the body relaxes too much, and leaves itself open to infection.

I was suffering with my back at the weekend, and being surrounded by the grandchildren may well have been the source of infection. But it’s really annoying to have to struggle through, on the first day of a new job, albeit in the same company.

So don’t try to contact me tonight, I’m going to go home, chant my heart out for half an hour, get undressed and tuck myself into my bed. I need to give this illness the heave hoe, I don’t want to be sick for my first week in this new position.

It will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning.

Keeping On Keeping On

Check out this super eco-friendly coffin“It isn’t the cough that carries you off, it’s the coffin they carry you off in” so says the quaint old saying, but right at this moment I would like to argue that the cough should have a little more acknowledgement in the ditty.

Not that my current ailment is really that serious, but it is the constant nagging wheeze and occasional uncontrollable hacking cough that is wearing me down. Fortunately, way beyond time, I took some very wise advice and visited the doctor a couple of weeks ago. Although the cough has changed from a deep chesty hack, it still isn’t defeated.

With nights of broken sleep, not to mention days of coughing and spluttering my way around the office, I’m feeling a bit depleted energy-wise. Being unable to physically chant is also making a huge difference, the life-energy that long and loud chanting brings is being sadly missed.

So I apologise to the folks who follow TSFE if I have been a little less provocative, incisive, educational or thought provoking of late. I have another appointment with Dr Paine (how apt) on Monday evening, so I’m hoping she will have some magic potion for me, that will clear this up once and for all.

In the meantime, your kind thoughts and chanting is very gratefully received.



RecuperationOverindulgence, in whatever form, often leads to a period of recuperation, and so it was today. The evenings jollifications with Phil and Nick yesterday led to Bumble being laid low for most of the day. Not that she went bonkers, or anything like, but it appears that her constitution was compromised and she spent the day recovering.

In fact, the whole day could be described as lethargic. Having breakfast with our guests, followed by a visit from Steve and Sue, meant that any ideas of a slow and lazy start had to be canned.

Burning the candle at both ends leads to burned fingers and a very short candle, which leaves one feeling a bit battered and bruised and not a little tired. We did get a fair few of the to-do list items sorted, but we both had power-naps in the afternoon, when we really should have been out in the fresh air and sunshine.

We also left it too late to get together with Charlotte and Hannah yesterday, the legacy of trying to fit too much into the time available. So once again plans were scrapped, and although it was a very enjoyable day, we were both left a bit too tired to make the most of it.

Still, nobody died or was eaten by bears, so we can take the lessons learned and make sure that we space our activities out a little better in future. Much more chanting and a little more resting required me thinks. These old bones are in fine fettle considering, but they just can’t take the strain at times.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

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