So Chilled

Bridge 43 on the Llangollen CanalThe holiday is over, the boat returned to its rightful owner intact and in good order and the crew are both back at work.

A week afloat, in beautiful countryside and always at walking pace or below is enough to slow even the most frantic heart rate. Of course there were a couple of issues, the most memorable being the deluge we encountered whilst trying to moor Kingfisher at Hurleston junction.

The rain was coming down by the bucketful and mooring spaces were at a premium, so the stress levels were raised just a little. To say it was wet would be an understatement. Everything, and I mean everything, was soaked through.

But these tiny bumps in the road we call life, are just opportunities to learn and improve, and although it was reported by First Officer Fogg, that I did use a few expletives at times, the task was accomplished and everything was dry, or drying, by the following morning.

So now I’m back in the office. Apart from the odd sensation of land sickness, where perfectly solid buildings appear to sway like a narrowboat, giving everyone the impression that one is a little intoxicated, it’s life as usual.

Whether life as usual is a good thing or not, is open to conjecture. Whether life as usual will remain life as usual was discussed on several occasions during the week afloat, so maybe watch this space for further developments.

I’m Saying Nothing

Keeping QuietThere are times when, unwittingly, we become involved in other people’s problems, whether we want to be, or not. At times like this, Wisdom, Courage and Compassion are needed, but in a slightly different way than when we have our own problems. We may often need the Wisdom to step back and look at it in a dispassionate way.

We will certainly need the Compassion to determine our feelings, from that detached viewpoint, and the Courage to offer help if required, knowing that our offer may well be rejected. Just try being there with an open heart and a calm mind. There will be people on the periphery who feel the need to state their opinions, whether that helps the situation or not. These opinions may well be founded on sound principles and deeply held beliefs, but they are not generally of any help, they are just their own opinions.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you must be prepared to wait to be asked for your help. Staying detached, objective and silent, may in fact be all the help you can offer at that time. But remember that time is a great healer, often the best healing medium we have, so be prepared to extend your Wisdom, Courage and Compassion over the long term.

The Power Of Silence

The Power Of SilenceIf we were to believe all we saw on TV soaps, we might think that there was only one way to deal with the challenges of daily life, and that is to shout, argue, even fight about them. Of course we know that this is not real-life, but there is one approach that is sometimes overlooked.

When we find ourselves struggling with a difficult problem or situation, from which there seems to be no positive outcome, remaining silent may be the most powerful action.

There are certain situations when, apart from unstinting spiritual support, there is nothing more a person can do.

So remain silent.

The unspoken understanding between people is the strongest bond of all. When you need to say nothing and nothing needs to be said, then all is understood.

Chant for resolution and let the power of silence be your only other contribution.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

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