Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off …

Clipless PedalsAs one who is yet to completely master the pitfalls of clip-less pedals, this wisdom from Sensei struck a resonant chord …

Anyone who has ever made a resolution discovers that the strength of that determination fades in time.

The moment you feel that is when you should make a fresh determination. Tell yourself, “OK! I will start again from now!”

If you fall down seven times, get up an eighth.

Don’t give up when you feel discouraged—just pick yourself up and renew your determination each time.

Determined Resolve

New Year ResolutionsI don’t know about you, but I gave up making New Year resolutions many years ago. In fact, deciding to stop making them may be the only one I have ever actually kept in the long term.

Resolutions usually involve stopping doing something we feel we shouldn’t do, like smoking or eating too much, or starting to do something we feel that we should, like taking exercise, but while they may be a laudable idea, most of us give in within weeks or even days of making them.

If you are one of the many millions of people who have made a resolution or two, I hope you can find the determination to be able to keep them. My only question would be, why, if you have something so important, that it becomes the subject of a resolution, did you leave it until New Year to decide to do it?

Just Another Special Day

January First 2013January The First is symbolically very special, but in reality it is just another day, another short period in our lives and another turn of The Wheel of Life. Often we mark the day by making resolutions, promises to ourselves, to stop doing something we feel we shouldn’t be doing, or to start doing something we feel that we should.

Whatever the subject of our resolutions, in truth, many of us will fall by the wayside before February arrives. So what is the point in making the effort in the first place? Well setting ourselves challenges is a great way to improve our self-awareness and if we can win in our quest, it is a great source of self-satisfaction and confidence.

There is not trick to winning. There is no magical process to help us succeed, but if we can simply learn from our past mistakes, make the very most of every second in the present, and make the causes to enable us to see the desired effects in the future, we will certainly succeed more often.

If you have made a New Year’s resolution, whatever it may be, I wish you strength in your resolve, good fortune in remaining focussed, and joy when you succeed.

Happy New Year !!!

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