Lots Of Nothing

Busy Doing NothingToday has been a day of doing nothing. Well not exactly nothing, but no exercise or work, more rest and relaxation, making the most of a drab autumn day in Dorset.

Most of us are in the unenviable position of having to make the most of our holidays, generally working five days out of seven to pay the bills, so having a day where you set yourself no goals can be very healthy.

Of course, I shall be back on the bike tomorrow and pushing myself hard to make up for today’s relaxation. The up-side of having a restful day today, is that I shall be starting with full-tanks tomorrow, and that means I can do even more.

We all need to rest, both physically and mentally, in order to push ourselves on to the next goal. Even top Olympic athletes have rest days. They give the body and mind the time to recover and repair the damage caused by pushing ourselves that little bit too far.

So I am looking forward to a nice early start in the morning. I may pay an unscheduled visit to the office, albeit in full cycling gear. The journey is quite testing, and it will give me the chance to catch up on what has been going on in my absence. Time will tell whether it proves to be as productive as I hope.

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