Torres Torment

Fernando TorresAs a lifelong Chelsea fan, I was distraught yesterday when Fernando Torres missed a guilt edged, open goal chance in the match against Manchester United. Torres had done all the hard work, controlled the through ball, rounded the keeper and had the goal gaping in front of him. But he managed, unbelievably, to let the pressure get the better of him and shoot wide.

So what I hear you say, on earth, has that got to do with Buddhism? Well it’s everything to do with our old friend Kyo Chi Gyo I. It’s all about concentrating on our goals and forgetting the status that reaching that goal (in this case literally) will bring.

Torres joined Chelsea from Liverpool for £50m last season, and that has weighed heavily on his shoulders ever since. Pressure can do funny things to people, in this case, turning one of the most prolific goal scorers in the world into a bit of a disappointment, football wise.

I hope that someone at Chelsea has taken Fernando aside, put their arm round his shoulder and pointed out that this miss wasn’t a matter of life and death, and that the next chance will be along soon. They also need to point out that he needs to forget the status he will achieve next time he scores, and concentrate on the simple task of putting the ball in the back of the net.

And if anyone at Chelsea actually reads this (of course they all do), all you need to do is to tell Fernando that the fans forgive him and believe in him, and to get him to read this.

On a slightly more serious note, Kyo Chi Gyo I really is the route to everything, not just football, but to life. Set your sights on your goal, hone your related skills and steer unswervingly towards that goal and anything, no everything, is possible.

Money Well Spent?

Fernando TorresAs a Chelsea fan since 1964, I have to say that, in my heart, I am delighted that we have signed Fernando Torres, the Spanish international striker.

He is a very good player, but is it money well spent?

In all, the Premiership clubs have spent over £215 million on new players, in this time of financial cutbacks, an obscene amount of money.

Just imagine what that money could  have done. Thousands of people are losing their jobs, potentially plunging their families into financial crisis. The public sector is facing unprecedented cuts, reducing services that are relied upon by the most vulnerable members of our society. Surely this is madness, even given that football no longer has anything to do with real life.

In my head, I cannot help wondering whether the spending of this huge amount of money on, what is after all a game, does show a lack of Wisdom and Compassion, if not Courage.

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