It’s About Time We Gave A Frack

No Fracking - Caroline Lucas ProtestsThe Buddhist teaching of the Oneness of Life and it’s Environment tells us that humanity, the World and the Universe are one.

That is why, if we wish to protect the environment, we must transform and purify the Three Poisons of Greed, Anger and Foolishness.

The principle of Human Revolution focuses on precisely this, inner transformation at the most fundamental level through our practice.

With the Government today announcing that it  will be allowing licences for fracking, in exceptional circumstances, even in the most beautiful parts of the Britain, to release huge quantities of hitherto untapped reserves of fossil fuel in the form of gas, there has never been a more pressing time to promote responsibility in all.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Nature Is Sacred

Cycling Through NatureHaving cycled over 200km this weekend, much of it in glorious countryside, it really makes you appreciate the beauty of nature.

It also lets you see how human beings have stamped their mark on the natural order of things.

To be fair, if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have anywhere to ride my road bike, but there are times when we seem to ignore the natural flow of nature, and plough a furrow straight through the middle of it.

Every single thing in existence is worthy of supreme reverence. Nature is not something for human beings to exploit as they see fit, solely for their own interests.

Both nature and humanity are part – and at the same time complete expressions -of the life of the universe. To destroy the natural world is to destroy human life.

Desire Or Disaster?

Global IssuesOn the recommendation of my mother, I watched a program about modern engineering solutions, Supersized Earth – The Way We Move, which took us through a number of amazing engineering solutions. The world’s highest bridge, a ship that can carry oil rigs, they are projects that defy description.

As I watched, I was torn between amazement at the audacity at the engineering and a feeling that this was slowly turning into a list of everything that is wrong with the modern world. When we can boast that the world now has enough cars to fill the Grand Canyon, I wonder where it will all end.

We now appear to have the knowledge and ability to overcome almost any obstacle that nature may present, which on face value may be desirable. But being able to shape our world, to extract fuels and minerals from ever more difficult deposits just means that we will use those resources all the sooner.

My only wish, is that our common sense in employing this knowledge increases at least as fast as our ability to use the knowledge. My fear is, that as with most things in the modern world, the lure of the commercial opportunities will outweigh the focus on environmental issues.

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