Greater Sexual Equality – Sadly?

Afghan PolicewomanI was dismayed to hear the news this morning, that an Afghan policewoman killed a US NATO advisor in Kabul. It is believed to be the first ‘insider’, or Green on Blue attack to be carried out by a woman.

As with all crimes of violence, there seems to be, for me at least, and additional shock factor when the perpetrator is female. I am unsure quite why that should be, maybe it’s because I am old fashioned and still consider them the to be fairer sex.

Whatever the reason, it is very sad to hear about the incident in Kabul. One can only hope that it will prove to be an isolated incident and that it is an indication that the Taliban are finding it more difficult to carry out such attacks using men.

Following on from the news that The British troops stationed out in Afghanistan are to be withdrawn sooner than scheduled, due to the reported increased progress being made in the training of the Afghan troops and police forces, it makes one question, once again, what kind of mess we will be leaving behind.

Not All Bad News

BAE SystemsOn the day when BAE Systems announce losses of nearly 3000 jobs, whilst it is the worst of news for those employees, for humanity, there is also a glimmer of hope. The reason for those losses is that the UK government, along with many others around the world, are cutting back their spending on ‘defence’.

Obviously, sympathy goes out to the families of the people who find themselves suddenly out of work, but we have to be happy at the underlying reason. The less money that is spent on military hardware, the more money is available to spend on productive, constructive schemes to help those in our society who need it.

Not only that, but if countries are less well armed, potentially the less likely they are to wage war against their neighbours. And a more peaceful world can never be a bad thing, can it. Just imagine if the $3.6 billion, that the US are spending on the Afghanistan campaign, was pumped back into the US economy.

So on a personal basis, this is bad news for those skilled workers from BAE Systems, but on a global level, it’s the best of news, even if the peace is coming at such a high price for the world economy.

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