More On Mindfulness

BreatheWhen we are feeling down, or simply the challenges of everyday life are coming at us too fast, it is all too easy to concentrate on ourselves, forgetting about those around us.

To stop this happening takes mindfulness and courage, as noted by Sensei in Daily Encouragement.

Buddhism is not about leading a self-centred existence. If we do not base our lives on the Law, we are not practicing Buddhism.

The German writer Friedrich von Schiller writes, “The brave man thinks upon himself the last.”

This is analogous to the spirit of not begrudging one’s life taught in the Lotus Sutra.

This means treasuring the Law more highly than one’s life.

The Law and kosen-rufu are central.

The old adage that ‘No Man is an island’ is very true. It is our family, friends and those we meet each day in our communities, who make our lives meaningful, and it is The Law that shows us the way we are to conduct ourselves and how we should relate to them.

To help with increasing our mindfulness, consciously focus on a simple task each day. Be that taking a shower, doing the dishes, going upstairs, even breathing, anything will do, but concentrate on every aspect of your feelings, your surroundings, everything, and you will find that even the simplest task takes on a whole new meaning.

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